Author = Abdoreza Roknodin Eftekhari
Number of Articles: 3
1. Modeling of Health Tourism Development in Rural Areas of Iran (Hot Springs)

Volume 3, Issue 11, Winter 2015, Pages 11-32

Zahra Golshiri; Abdolreza Roknodineftekhari; Mehdi Pourtaheri

2. Tourism Development Procedure Assessment of Cultural–Historical Villages by Using Tourism Destination Lifecycle Model

Volume 3, Issue 10, Autumn 2014, Pages 11-32

Davoud Mahdavi; Abdolreza Roknodin Eftekhari; Hamdolah Sajasi

3. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of Entrepreneurship in Rural Tourism

Volume 3, Issue 8, Spring 2014, Pages 87-107

Abdoreza Roknodin Eftekhari; Mahdi Pourtaheri; Nafise Fazli