What are the ways of communication with the editorial office of the journal?

Telephone: (+98)115-35303311

Fax: (+98)115-35303311

Email:  jtpd@umz.ac.ir

Editor in Chief Email: h.roradeh@umz.ac.ir 

Executive Manager Emil: sm_mirtaghian@atu.ac.ir 

How to send your article to the journal?

1) Register on the website; 2) Registering all authors on the website; 3) Upload the Word files of the article, letter of commitment, conflict of interest, and other required files according to the checklist on the website.

Is it necessary for all contributors to the manuscript to register their names on the website?

Yes. It is necessary for the corresponding author to register all contributors on the website and after registration, all authors are aware of their responsibility in relation to the manuscript. The order of contributor's names and the responsibility of each of them should be clear in the manuscript. At the same time, please be careful to enter the names of the corresponding author and authors' names in the right order. It should also be noted that after the acceptance of the article, it is not possible to change the corresponding author name to add or subtract the names of people or change the order of the names.

What should I do if I forget my username and password?

On the website, click on the login option at the top right corner of the page. Then, click on the option: "Forgot password". You will be asked for the email address that you registered in the system. You will then receive an email that will allow you to change your password.

Does the journal charge the authors for reviewing and publishing articles?

The journal receives six million Rials for the processing of the article in two stages (two million Rials after appointing the referees and four million Rials after the acceptance of the article by the referees). Other expenses are financially supported by the University of Mazandaran.

How to track the manuscript sent to the journal website?

Simply click on the "Submit Manuscript" section on the journal website and by entering your username and password enter your personal folder where you may easily track your manuscript.

How can the article be accepted and published in the shortest possible time?

1- Before submitting the manuscript, please read the authors' guide on the journal website carefully and prepare and submit the article according to the journal format. 2- Before submitting the manuscript, the "Aims and Scope" of the journal should be carefully read, so that the submitted manuscript does not conflict with the goals of the journal. 3- Give special attention to innovation in the submitted manuscript. 4- Before sending the manuscript, the writing quality of the article should be carefully checked.