Guide for Authors


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To avoid delay in reviewing and publication process, please note that:

-         Topics need to be related to tourism and the related fields

-         Only original work will be considered for publication.

-         Foreign words and expressions and Iranian writers need to be numbered from 1 to … and should appear in footnotes in Latin.

-         Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously in a journal or proceedings.

-         The article should include an abstract in English or Persian, key terms, introduction, body (theoretical framework, methods, results), discussion, conclusion, and references in English.

-         The submitted article should be on A4 pages, with 1 line spaces, right margin 6.5, left margin 2.5, top margin 3.3, bottom margin 7.4, Times New Roman 12, in MS Word and PDF formats. Otherwise, the article will not be processed.

-         The article needs to be submitted in 3 files. File 1 includes the article and name (s) of the author (s) in MS Word format. File 2 includes the article without the name (s) of the author (s) in MS Word format. File 3 includes the article without the name (s) of the author (s) in PDF format.

-         The submitted article should include the following pages:

First page:

-         Title of the article in English and Persian, name (s) of the author (s) in English and Persian (corresponding author to be marked with asterisks)

-         Academic level (assistant professor, associate professor, or professor) and affiliation in English and Persian

-         Address of the corresponding author including postal address, telephone, fax, and email

-         Whether the article is based on a thesis or other research work needs to be indicated on the first page.

Second page in English:

-         Full title of the article, abstract (maximum, 200 words / 15 lines), and key terms (5 terms maximum)

Third page in Persian:

-         Full title of the article, abstract (maximum, 150 words / 12 lines), and key terms (5 terms maximum)

-         Tables need to be as close to the main text as possible and curves, figures, diagrams, etc to be clear. References need to be given to the numbers of the pictures, tables, diagrams, etc and their approximate places to be indicated.

-         Notes should appear in the form of endnotes i.e. at the end of the article and before the references.

-         Within-text citations should appear in parentheses as (surname, year: page number).

-         References need to be ordered alphabetically and based on APA style.

-         After initial approval of the article by the editorial board, the article will be blind reviewed by three reviewers.

-         Authors themselves will be responsible for the truthfulness of the contents of the article.

-         Articles based on master's or PhD theses will be considered only if the supervisor accepts the responsibility.

-         Translated articles will not be accepted.

-         The article should not exceed 25 pages including footnotes, diagrams, tables and references.

-         The Journal reserves the right to accept, reject, or edit the article and will not return the submitted article.

After the article is published, three copies of the journal will be sent to the authors.